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BEST PROTECTION – NIJ Level 4 (SK4) Stand Alone Ceramic Plate Hard Protection Tray 30x25cm 10×12 inch slanted


The protective plate can be used in almost all protective vests and carrying systems intended for it.

The hard protection insert meets the American protection class NIJ Level IV Stand Alone, ie the plate does not require any additional soft ballistics and can protect the body from large caliber projectiles directly in the receiving pockets.
With ballistic protective vests, this protection class offers bulletproof protection up to caliber .308 Winchester VMS (full metal jacket bullet) / HK (hard core) up to a bullet speed of 830 m/s and a bullet weight of up to 9.75 g.

Protection class : NIJ Level IV (Stand Alone)

Dimensions : 30cm x 25cm x 2.5cm, 10″ x 12″

Edge Shape : Beveled

Care instructions : clean with a damp cloth

Weight : 2730g

Color : black

Scope of delivery : 1x hard protection insert

Disponibile su ordinazione


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