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SMAT Training – H.K.E.S. Hostile Kidnap Escape Survival

Course Description

This exclusive and specialistic course from SMAT Training, made up of different modules, will give you the opportunity to deep dive in new situations and to develop or perfect your techniques for resisting interrogations conducted according to the famous “BUBARK” rules techniques and according to the “SERE” guidelines.

This module will allow you to push your limits during an escape, in an urban (civilian) environment by using all possible means to reach a determined extraction point, then evolving in an environment where you are being “wanted” and “haunted”.

Mobility techniques will be put to the test since you will have to evolve in a hostile “URBAN and WOOD” environment.

Course Goals

You will take advantage of different orientation and extraction techniques, you will be able to perfect your survival techniques, both “clandestine” and traditional, in order to give you personal added value in terms of self-confidence, knowledge of limits, trust in your team and of team-building.

A complete debriefing will be carried out at the end of the module.

This course is well suitable for a diverse reange of groups and individuals from different backgrounds: single military operators as well as small groups/units/platoons, close protection operatives and full teams, workers (individuals or groups from the same company) travelling in unstable or complex environment, or that simply need to build up and develop team building skills along with colleaugues, enforcing trust.

Course Content

Module 1: 24 H situation Kidnapping

  • hostage situation
  • stressful situation
  • Scenario of the “ALICE” protocol
  • Situation of restriction of the senses
  • Scenario BUBARK in interrogation and cross-examination

Module 2: 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. “escape” in urban and difficult environments

  • Escape
  • Situation of escape and safety
  • Urban and hostile escape
  • Orientation situation in a difficult environment AND in an urban environment
  • Scenario “wanted” in an urban environment
  • Mobility in a mixed environment

Module 3: 24 to 36 h of survival in a difficult environment (Day pack)

  • Clandestine bivouac scenario
  • Realization of the principles of survival in a difficult environment
  • Principles of survival:
    • Shelters
    • Fire
    • food
    • Clandestine situation
    • Mobile survival
    • Medical aspect in survival (Wilderness First Aid & TCCC)

Module 4: Debriefing and Analysis

Through a debriefing and a nominative and group analysis by professionals, you will be able to determine your own success and your overtaking.

Course Duration

The course run over 4 intensive, full-time days (day/night).

Entry Criteria

There are no formal qualifications required to participate. Nevertheless, The entry is open to all learners that satisfy this minimum requirements:

  • A good command of English or French or Italian language either spoken, read and written.
  • Minimum 18yrs old of age and good/fit physical condition

Course Delivery

The course is full-immersion of different practicals.

Course Assessment

Assessment takes the form of:

  • Skills demonstrations
  • Final/Summative, realistic, assessment scenario

What is Included


Course Languages

English, French, Italian

Course Location

Forte Mondascia base, Biasca, Switzerland, Ticino


SMAT Training certificate of attendance and completion


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