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SHIELD Academy CQB Tech – Close Quarter Battle Techniques

Course Description and Goals

The CQB Tech (Close Quarter Battle Techniques), in addition to transmitting the modalities of transition and exploitation of the covers and angles while armed and in confined or restricted environments, is also aimed at developing adequate skills in short-range shooting techniques, both with the assault rifle and/or pistol, both in group and single operator set-up, being able to face similar dynamics within hybrid scenarios:

• CQB Concept
• Peculiarities of CQB techniques
• Technical fundamentals of the CQB
• Tactical fundamentals of the CQB
• CQB activities through roofs and shelters
• Room penetration techniques per couple
• Room penetration techniques by section
• Basic room clearing: external and internal

The Training is carried out by SHIELD Academy with the participation and supervision of highly specialized Trainers whose background has deep roots both in military experiences at Tier 1 Special Forces level and in activities carried out in Private Security, especially as a PSD Contractor in Hostile Environments.

Course Content

exhaustive list of the topics covered:

• Safety regulations in the handling, individual and of the shooting range
• Jams: the four modes, recognition and solution
• Weapon unloading
• Basic exercises for two-handed grip and alignment with target: high & low ready
• Hand change, strong hand shooting and weak hand shooting
• Magazine change: two modes
• Holstered weapon
• Elements for quick extraction
• Shot from the hip (3m) shot in extension (5m)
• Forward, side, diagonal, backward, high weapon movements
• Coverings and shelters: definition and differences
• Barricades and walls: difference in tactical approach
• Movement between barricades
• Basic concepts of CQB (Close Quarters Battle)
• Basic Room clearing

Course Duration

The course run over 1 intensive, full-time day

Entry Criteria

ESSENTIAL: In-date shooting licence (+ European Licence if crossing borders)


  • Own assault-rifle
  • and/or
  • Own semiautomatic handgun
  • x 3 rifle Magazine
  • Tactical/battle belt
  • Holster
  • x 3 Pistol magazine + pouch
  • Dump pouch
  • 300 rounds for each caliber

Course Delivery

The course is full-immersion of different tecniques and practicals.

The teaching method is divided into a theoretical part in the classroom and one in the field, subsequently with practical demonstrations by the Training Staff so that the visitor already has the vision of what he will do.

The shooters will initially be followed by a Trainer until they reach autonomy in movement then to be able to complete themselves with collective activities.

Course Assessment

Assessment takes the form of:

  • Continous, formative assessment

What is Included

Course theory/practicals, enroll-fee inclusive insurance, certification

Course Languages

English, Italian

Course Location

Italy, Verona; Switzerland, Ticino; or any location suitable for this special training


SHIELD Academy – ISO21001:2018 – Certificate of attendance


Future developments and advancements

  • SHIELD Academy Close Quarter Battle Level 1 (Weapon transition)
  • SHIELD Academy Close Quarter Battle Level 2 (Advanced tactics)

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