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SAFEGUARD – Emergency First Care Bandage FCP-09T 8in – Military


The new association features the following improvements:

  • No pressure bar – for gentle treatment of large wounds on exposed organs.
  • Moisture Seal to cover exposed organs, this seal can be easily removed if necessary (for amputation injuries).
  • Compact, light weight (160 g / 5.6 oz.).

The Multi Bandage FCP09T is based on the traditional 4″ and 6″ inch personal first aid bandage used by soldiers in field conditions. FCP bandages are suitable for the treatment of a wide range of wounds, from minor to life threatening.

The entire Emergency Bandage series includes several innovative elements: A closure latch that simply and easily closes the bandage while applying additional pressure to the wound. Other unique features include Stop & Go, which allows for controlled application of the bandage without the risk of it unraveling.

A loop on the bandage makes it easier to put on the bandage with one hand. The bandage is vacuum packed and the opening seam allows for easy opening. There are different models of pads and here you can see which pads are recommended for different types of wounds. All First Care Products products are manufactured to exacting standards and are protected by international patents. The products may bear FDA and CE marks as well as NATO and NSN numbers (National Stock Numbers).


  • 30*30 cm sterile wound dressing
  • 20cm*4.5m elastic bandage (stretched)
  • 40*40cm non-adhesive sterile plastic sheet
  • A NOTICE! The FCP09T model does not have a pressure transducer.


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