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Lightweight Modular THP-Hanger

Following the Ruck-Truck-House-Plane philosophy of medical mission planning,the THP-Hanger is an optimised tool for patient care in austere environments. The core-function is the ability to have the needed equipment at the right place to maximise efficiency while maintaining a small and highly organised package around the patient, ready to move in response to situational changes at a moments notice.

The THP-Hanger offers a single platform to organise and transport medical gear for prolonged medical care. It’s a one-grab-gets-all solution to be stored in the clinic and put into the vehicle when required. It offers huge packing volume in a hardy and snag-minimised outer shell. The middle segment with space for an O2 bottle or Oxygen Concentrator can be completely removed for a smaller package if oxygen capability isn’t mission suitable.

During Prolonged Field Care or Evac, the THP-Hanger can be divided into three separated modules and attached to the patients litter to increase efficiency as well as mobility of the patient without repacking gear:

  • The head-compartment offers a velcro-molle panel suitable for mounting small monitors, ventilators and other monitoring devices as well as pouches for full airway management capabilities and additional gear.
  • The middle O2 compartment can be closed onto itself and attached to the side of a litter where it is easily accessible, out of the way and line-management is simplified to avoid line-snags or kinking during transport. With the carry handle and strap it can also be conveniently carried separately.
  • The lower compartment with nursing equipment and medications can be attached at the feet of the patient.

Both main-compartments offer additional storage for splints, documentation and alike in the back.


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