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EARMOR – K01 Kids Hearing Protection NRR23


Designed and manufactured by Earmor, K01 passive headsets are made explicitly for children. It complies with the NRR 23 rating and completely shuts off up to 23dB. This performance guarantees suitable hearing protection at mass public events, the shooting range, and other places with noticeable sound pollution.
The headband and earcups are manufactured of high-quality ABS polymer. Uniquely shaped padded cushions are integrated into the hearing protectors. They are designed to fully enclose children’s ears for enhanced sound dampening and comfort during prolonged use. The headband is coated with soft foam to prevent dermal irritation.
Thanks to the well-conceived design, good sound dampening, and high degree of comfort, K01 is a perfect choice for parents hoping to keep the hearing of their children safe.


Earmor is an Opsmen (founded in 2016 with R&D department with years of experience in the development) brand that focuses on the best value for money electronic hearing protection gear, earmuffs, earplugs and flashlights. Earmor products are in use around the world in a broad range by law enforcement unit, military personnel, sport shooters, hunters, construction and mining workers.


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