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CAT Combat Application Tourniquet GEN7 Black (Tactical)



Since its introduction by the US Army in 2005, the CAT Combat Application Tourniquet® – one-handed tourniquet – has reduced the fatality rate from extreme bleeding by 85%. The US Army Institute of Research confirms its 100% effectiveness.

Now CAT Resources has developed the all-new CAT® GEN7. After extensive field testing, the CAT Tourniquet has been completely redesigned, making it the most effective Combat Application Tourniquet® to date.
The new GEN7 is easier to use thanks to a single application protocol, a single-buckle routing system, and other improvements to its components and design.

Intended for Army field trauma, the CAT® is designed to fit the average adult arm or leg. Studies have confirmed that the CAT® has a maximum girth of 80cm (diameter: 25.4cm) and a minimum girth of 13cm (diameter: 4.1cm).

Same models available in:
black (tactical), orange (first responder) and blue (trainer)

When every second counts

Despite the proven effectiveness of the Combat Application Tourniquet, the new GEN7 goes one step further to make application easier and faster. All six components of the Combat Application Tourniquet have been redesigned and improved for the GEN7.

Quickly. Secure. Effective. The GEN7 Advantage

The Single Routing Buckle is a direct response to the extensive evaluation of field and test reports. With the new Single Routing Buckle System, the GEN7 allows for easier and faster application with more efficient tension build-up, resulting in less blood loss with fewer winch turns.

Allenspach Medical AG is the official and exclusive importer of the CAT® Combat Application Tourniquet® for Switzerland.
The CAT® Combat Application Tourniquet® is a medical device.
According to Art. 86 para. 1 lit. c and e HMG punishable – including counterfeiting.


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