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BEST PROTECTION – Special Forces Helmet KSK Complete Set


ully equipped combat helmet Special Forces Helmet KSK from the brand ZEBRA ARMOUR

This helmet is used by numerous special units and special units of the German Armed Forces and other armies.

The model is specially designed for soldiers who wear communication units with headsets. The helmet has been specially manufactured for the use of headsets (e.g. PELTOR).
Due to its low weight and the very well padded interior, this helmet has a very high wearing comfort. The surface is very robust and can also withstand harder gaits in use. This is also ensured, among other things, by the helmet edge with its low-profile neoprene coating.
The helmet has a fully adjustable strap system with a leather-covered forehead pad, which ensures the aforementioned wearing comfort.
The strap system has a head pad and with the help of the neck pad the helmet can be perfectly adapted to different head sizes.
A well-fitting helmet offers more safety and prevents uncomfortable helmet movements during strong body movements.
The integrated three-point chin strap ensures an optimal and secure hold and allows the use of NBC protective masks.

The helmet has the ballistic protection class NIJ Level IIIA compare with the German protection class 1.
The ballistic protection of this helmet is achieved through the use of high-strength para-aramid.

Weight : approx. 1.2 kg (depending on size)

The helmet is equipped with the following components:

  • 1x helmet net
  • 1x NVG mount with bungee slings including mounting material in a matching color ( can be screwed into subsequently drilled holes with the enclosed mounting material or fixed to the helmet with special assembly adhesive. Please note, however, that subsequently drilled holes can affect the stability of the helmet shell!)
  • 1x rail set including mounting material in matching color
  • 1x Velcro patch set in matching color


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