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BEST PROTECTION – Complete set combat helmet mission helmet FAST Level IIIA high cut WITH helmet cover


This helmet is a FAST HELMFuture Assault Shell Technology), as it has found its way into numerous military and police special units. This version is the “high cut” version with maximum protective surface.

In contrast to previous combat helmets, the helmet model has the option of attaching numerous additional devices to the helmet. So e.g. B. NVG, lamps, IR markers, communication units and various more can be fixed to the helmet.
The glued-on fleece surfaces accommodate IR markings, various patches and other light equipment.
The RAIL rails on the side enable quick and easy assembly and disassembly without having to drill holes in the helmet. In addition, the rails offer the possibility of fixing all devices in various positions, as there are always several fixing points available.The front mount allows the inclusion of common NVG mounts and, for example, mounts for action cameras.
The FAST helmet is relatively light, impact-resistant, ventilated on the inside and equipped with soft pads that can be positioned in different ways.
The integrated “Head-Loc” chin strap retention system provides more stability than other combat helmets.The helmet has the ballistic protection class NIJ Level IIIA, compare with the German protection class 1.
(The test certificate is supplied with every helmet!)
The ballistic protection of this helmet is achieved through the use of high-strength aramid composite fabric.

Rails, NVG-mount and fleece surfaces are already mounted.

Protection class : NIJ Level IIIA 0106.01
Material: Aramid

Weight: 1550 grams (size M/L)
Size: M/L (55-58 cm), L/XL (58-62 cm)
The set also includes:

Helmet cover of the latest generation for the ballistic combat helmet “FAST”.
The helmet cover is attached to the combat helmet with Velcro strips and can be used with NVG mounts and rails through appropriate cut-outs. The helmet has numerous fleece surfaces for attaching patches.

Color : multicam

Material : 100% Polyamide


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