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Bellicus Surgeon Practice Targets kit 70×180

Learn how to operate using philantropy. You can now practise your accuracy at different distances on the human anatomy in a 1:1 size (70×180). These philantropic targets enable you to check which body area you hit evaluating the amount of damages carried along with the of survival chance percentage.

Human-size #ProAptoBellicusAnatomicalTarget is a practical way to learn how to operate saving lifes. Detailed skeletal, cardiovascular and nervous system to practice how to place aware shots avoiding kills. Aware #shootingpractice will saves lives and makes you a #bettershooter.

Printed on water-resistant paper for outdoor prolonged usage. It is IR reflective, so you can train using your nods.

Alternatively, choose on a human-size target of your choice (Military or Terrorist)

The set includes 5 targets of your choice + explainatory booklets + anatomy region with damage/survival ratio + training sheet.


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